Research Promotion Policy


Techno India University, West Bengal (hereafter, TIU) had constituted a research policy on 05th August 2016to promote and encourage research projects in TIU to excel in academic and industrial research of societal importance. The scope of the projects encompasses both internally generated as well as externally sponsored high-value projects. The onus of implementing the tenets of policy has been entrusted to the Office of Dean, Research of TIU, West Bengal. At the Quality Initiatives Committee Meeting of March25, 2019 several incentives were approved as a part of the Research Promotion Policy.


The objectives of policy are as follows:

. Promotion of internally generated research projects, innovative ideas.
. Maintaining integrity, ethics and quality in research.
. Providing seed money to the internally generated selected research projects to help securing external sponsorship towards the projects.
. Promotion of national and international research collaborations and partnerships
. Promotion of consultancy and industry-academe collaboration leading to patents of the respective fields

Promotion of Research

Faculties and scholars are encouraged:

. To carry out research in any chosen field;
. To approach any funding agency to seek support for their research work;
. To publish their research outcomes and conclusions freely. However, TIU, West Bengal reserves the right toscrutinize the research proposal and the findings, and make it available for constructive criticism of peers.
. To promote and encourage more and more patents and their innovations

TIU, West Bengalstrongly emphasizes on professional ethics, and to follow ethical guidelines maintained for research works. Along with that all the faculties are strongly advised to maintain the norms pertaining to the health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings or to the infliction of injury or pain on animals.

The University shall endeavour to create a favourable research environment for all the stakeholders. The University to the extent feasible, support all research to be undertaken, by allocating the space, facilities and other resources for research programmes based on the scholarly and educational merits of the proposed research. University will provide guidance to explore the possibility of development for writing research proposals and reports, publications, patent filing, etc.

Thrust Areas for Research

In spite of the freedom given to the researchers it is highly advantageous to cope with a researchthat is socially relevant and importantlike Healthcare,Smart City,Data Science, Pollution Control,Water resource management,Restoration of ecosystem,supply chain management,IOT etc. TIU, West Bengal expects the different departments to have a thrust area of research, with a view to be focused in their efforts.

Seed Money for Internally Generated Research

To initiate research activities of its faculties University provides a startup grant of Rs. 50,000 for the duration of three years. Faculties who have been working for more than three years in this institute are eligible to apply for the grant. They will have to submit a detailed research proposal (Annexure-I) along with their application for seed money. The research proposals shall be examined by the research promotion cell and recommended projects will be given the proper guidance and financial assistantship to start their work.

The University shall also provide academic guidance, administrative and financial assistance to submit and defend research projects funded by external agencies.

Externally sponsored Research Projects

A faculty member can submit a research project to any government or non-government agency. Every research proposal has to be submitted for TIU, West Bengal approval through the office of Dean of Research. Dean of Research office will preserve the record of all submitted as well as sanctioned research projects for future references. The University may monitorthe progress, maintain its accounts and submit the utilization certificate in time to the funding agency for all funded research projects. There will be no overhead charges for internally generated research projects.

University encourages students and faculty members to report findings from a research project either as a publication or patent.

Awards for research projects

In order to encourage the faculties to attain externally sponsored research projects University shall provide incentives to all the faculties who will achieve such feet.

Publication of Papers in Journals

Faculty members would be expected to publish their research findings in UGC-CARE refereed national and international journals. They are encouraged to publish in only the journals which are indexed in SCOPUS (Elsevier) and/or Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics). The faculty members and research scholars are advised to adhere to the anti-plagiarism rules and regulation strictly as mandated by MHRD and INFLIBNATE

Patent and IPR

Faculties and research scholars are encouraged to file for patents arising out of their work for which a separate statute is already available. The application for filing patent will have to be submitted to TIU’s research promotion cell for a scrutiny. The University shall arrange workshop to create awareness about intellectual property rights among faculty, researchers and scholars and they will be encouraged to patent innovative ideas from time to time.

Collaborative National & International Research

University encourages its various departments to conduct collaborative research with their peers from reputed national and international Universities and Institutions. The Head of the department can submit a formal request for collaboration with other institutes for their research works to the research promotion cell. The University may also sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with prominent Universities and Research Institutions, for conducting joint research in the areas of common interest.

Download The Format for Submission of Research Proposal