Controller of Examination

Examinations in Techno India University, West Bengal are conducted by the Controller of Examinations who is assisted by doctorate team members. The Controller is in charge of not only the Semester exams but also the MTA exam. Transparency is maintained through online process of Marks distribution. Students can check their results at here. All authentic hard copies of mark-sheet and certificates with hall mark are issued from controller section with proper signature and stamp. A Three Level verification code is used for certificate and mark sheet paper; OMR front cover has been introduced and no names or roll numbers are disclosed to prevent biased checking, to avoid duplicacy and maintain authenticity. In the final examination, a team comprising senior professors from IITs, ISIs, NITs, JU, IIEST come as external examiners. Moderation is done also from the Controller section. Final results are available on the web. Various companies can verify all the credentials and details of mark sheets and certificates by sending mail at controller section to