Placement Team

Placements in hospitals are popular with pharmacy students. After all, the purpose of placements is for students to gain an insight in hospital pharmacy. Students spend time on the ward with pharmacists where they can observe medicines reconciliations, medicines optimization and pharmacy input in multidisciplinary ward rounds. They also attend pharmacy-led anticoagulation clinics where they can see the pivotal role pharmacists have in seeing patients in clinic and the influence they have in the patients’ treatment. Students also observe how pharmacists train other healthcare professionals by attending the pharmacist–nurse training sessions. Students also work in medicines information where they may be given examples of typical enquiries received and then asked to use the resources available to answer these enquiries. Students may also expect to spend time in the dispensary, dispensing medicines for inpatients and outpatients, as well as observing how the pharmacist screens prescriptions. They can also observe the process of ordering stock medicines in the procurement department. Pharmacy students can also be employed on permanent basis in government and private hospitals. Posts such as those of Drug Inspector engaged in Drug Regulatory Affairs, Medical Representatives working for Pharmaceutical Marketing are also in demand. In Production/ Manufacturing Sector, Medical Devices and Quality Control department, Pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing units employ pharmacy graduates to look after the daily operations and quality of formulations. Also Job responsibilities for a pharmacy student could be as medical scribes, medical transcription, medical coder ; they could also check insurance related records or write medical related document etc.