Placement Team

The graduate level course in architecture is one amongst those courses that is much in demand these days. The B.Arch course has a place next to the B.E and B.Tech courses. To achieve their goals, aspirants need to be dedicated and very much committed to their studies. With the right qualification in addition to the work experience, it is possible for a person to get employment very easily. Once aspirants have accomplished their education in this field, they can get employed with constructions firms or with any other firms of the public or private sectors. Because of the demand of professionals in this field of architecture, it is easily possible one to get jobs almost immediately. The salary packages of these firms will also be high. This is mainly determined by the experience each person possesses. One must also keep in mind that job prospects are available for aspirants abroad too. Many major national and multinational firms take in experiences individuals as to lead their many projects. Those who do not wish to go for jobs immediately have the option to go for the Postgraduate course in design, namely the Master of Design course. Besides this, many other courses are available for aspirants to choose from. Upon the completion of this program, aspirants again have the option to go for jobs or they can study for the higher degree, the PhD program. With more qualification as well as experience in the field of Architecture, it is possible for one to get very good jobs with high profiles in addition to the ability to command their own salary. Thus, the career scope for aspirants of B.Arch are very much high.