The School of Architecture, Techno India University, started its journey in the year 2013 as School of Architecture, a constituent unit in the Engineering faculty with an intake of 40 students. In the course of time, the School is getting enriched with the contribution of several illustrious teachers and visiting faculty of international repute. Read More



Pyramid Structure

The branch of architecture that deals with the design,organization and construction of urban spaces and different ornamental buildings in urban areas , The end result of this is something beautiful as well as useful for the development of different urban regions .


Urban Development

Pyramid, in architecture is a monumental structure constructed of or faced with stone or brick and having a rectangular base and four sloping triangular (or sometimes trapezoidal) sides meeting at an apex (or truncated to form a platform.


Brick Built Structure

Brick work is an important part of construction work done with the help of bricks and cement mortar. It is done with different quality of bricks with different Read More


Environment Structure

Environmental design and structure can be refer as the applied arts and sciences dealing with creating the human-designed environment. These fields include architecture,geography, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. Environmental design can also encompass interdisciplinary areas such as historical preservation and lighting design.


The students at the School of Architecture of Techno India University go through rigorous architectural training that prepares them for professional registration as architects. The school exclusively offers B. Arch. Degree approved by Council of Architecture (COA), India. The faculties—mostly of international repute—are highly trained and committed professionals. While the industry demand is high, the school maintains a limited intake and provides individual guidance to foster the university mission to outreach the common and help make leaders in the discipline. Much of school’s training focuses on the learning of contemporary and modern architectural design and innovation, structural engineering, construction technology, integrated building services, green and sustainable design, urbanism, environment and resilience, landscape, and interior design. For details click here


TIU Seminar

Technoscape is one of the efforts of the Department Read More

Entrepreneurship Skill Development

Entrepreneurship Skill Development (E.S.D.) is a biannual Read More

Auroville Earth Institutes

Apart from workshops help with in the campus, students Read More

Workshops - Departmental

Various workshops are incorporated with the curriculum Read More





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