Future Outcome

In line with current thinking across a several leading business schools, many changes are currently being considered for implementation in future. These directions have been extensively researched and discussed within business schools and beyond and seem to provide an obvious vision for an management programme.
In recent times, business schools have taken a more analytical and discipline-based approach than before emphasizing analytics, models, and statistics. However, the MBA graduates of the future need a global mindset, develop leadership skills of self-awareness and self-reflection; and develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of business, and the limitations of models and markets.
The other areas that will see adoption are:
1. Increased emphasis on soft skills to cater to rapidly changing business environments.
2. Greater emphasis on cross functional skills and critical thinking, and an ability for integrated thinking.
3. Increasing use of technology in classrooms such as flipped classrooms, augmented reality and virtual reality.
4. Integration of tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data science and others that may develop over time, in learning outcomes.