Future Outcome

Studying Commerce as a stream can be defined as a study of business activities such as sale and purchase of goods and services from the producer to a buyer. Students who are more interested in working with numbers, analyzing numeric data and who aspire to make a career in financial economic and the business world are more compatible for commerce stream. They acquire a thoughtful outlook on the outside world. This career has lots of difficult challenges and practical facts added to it. Most students opt for Commerce because they want to take the next step in business and follow the strategies to become successful. Due to the popularity of commerce among most students, many countries have brought up excellent career-related opportunities for the students in this stream, including India. Commerce is soon becoming a new way of modern life and setting a new direction for students to lead their life in the best possible way. Students wishing to choose commerce stream need to get themselves more acquainted with the subjects like Economics, Accountancy, Finance, Business Mathematics, Bookkeeping, etc and also develop an interest in them. In fact, Commerce as a career choice is fast gaining importance in India.

It has been noted that most students have been successful pointing out great career opportunities which are available in our country in streams such as Chartered Accountants, Cost and Works Accountants, Company Secretaries, Chartered Financial Analysts, MBA in Finance and also in Investment in Banking sectors, Insurance field, Stock market level, etc. Commerce caters to the distribution aspect of any business. What we produce must be consumed, to facilitate this consumption there exist a proper distribution channel. And, that is what commerce does by creating a market for the surplus products. It has widened up the international markets and has been equally useful in accelerating the process of exchange in domestic markets across the globe. It is already established that a good Commerce plays a tremendous role in the economic development of a country.