Computer application is the study of designing and development of real world application software. Examples of such software include software, Reservation systems, Classroom management software, Geographic information system software, etc. Degrees in Computer Application range from the Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D).



    Career options for graduates, post-graduates and doctorates in Computer Application include:

    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Consultant
    • Software Engineer
    • Systems Programmer
    • Database Analyst
    • Artificial Intelligence Programmer
    • Scientific Applications Programmer
    • User Interface Designer
    • Embedded Systems Applications Programmer
    • EDP Auditor
    • Database Administrator
    • Systems Administrator
    • Computer Security Specialist
    • Information Systems Manager
    • Chief Information Officer
    • Network Engineer
    • Network Administrator
    • Medical Imaging Specialist
    • Webmaster
    • Multimedia Developer
    • Electronic Sound Producer
    • Technical Writer
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