Welcome to Techno India University Research Unit

Techno India University Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy is the apex administrative platform supporting all sponsored Research and Development, Industrial Consultancy activities along with fostering commercialization of Technology outputs through Business Incubation.The prime mission of Techno India University is to generate research and produce graduate,Post Graduate ans Doctorate students.

To build up a TECHNOPOLIS, a unique concept in Global Research and Development where quality research and technology development along with technology commercialization through Business Incubation is the focal activity

To be instrumental in developing the platform wherein the Academic Community join hands with the friends from Industry in pursuing applied research leading to development of innovative technologies.

The university shall have different disciplines imparting education initially geared for employment; however in due course of time, they will be developed into centres of excellence through research in scientific fields such as Information & Communication Technology, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Nanotechnology etc. Apart from these, the University would also have specialized thrust areas like Security & Surveillance, Renewable Energy, Water Management Systems, VLSI & Embedded Systems with focus on contemporary, emerging and global areas of interest.


  • Academic departmentsoffer courses and grant degrees, as well as sometimes housing laboratories and other research infrastructure. They are organized according to academic disciplines (e.g. CSE, ECE, EE).
  • Research Centers and Institutes, sometimes referred to as Organized Research Units, are organized around broad substantive research topics (e.g. international affairs, information technology, the environment). As such, they draw into their research programs faculty and students from multiple departments and disciplines .We have more than 100 such research units in various vertical.
  • We also serve as important research sites on the campus. We have two museums with strong collections in a variety of fields.
  • The Sources of Research funds can be categorized as:

    :: Sponsored Sources from Industries

    :: Internal Sources

    :: Government Sponsored sources

    :: International Funding agencies for Sponsored Research and Consultancy

    Several positive outcomes are envisaged from the University research programs:

    :: Increased numbers of publications in National and International Journals by Faculty and researchers

    :: Increased numbers of Patents filed by Faculty and researchers

    :: Product development and commercialization through Industry linkages

    :: Technology incubation for industries

    :: Socio-economic development of the region

    The Science & Technology Entrepreneurs' Park (STEP) in the University would be an iconic one stop facility for Research, Product Development, Start-up Knowledge Incubation & Entrepreneurship! The Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Cell (SRIC) would foster the Growth of Industrial Research, Product Innovation and Consultancy.