VIDYAVARSITY is a concept that helps to converge education at all levels of the knowledge cycle, from nursery to PhD, in a flexible and truly value-adding mode, where learners will always enjoy acquiring knowledge as they want, on demand. In the traditional system of education, learners are left with almost no choices regarding what they would be educated on and when and how they would acquire their education. There are several examples of meritorious students leaving education at pre-mature level due to such constraints and in most cases, the constraints hinge around financial compulsions. Thereafter, our traditional education system leaves most of such students behind, with practically no choice or chance of getting further education.

At Vidyavarsity, a student has to go through the basic compulsory education from nursery to Class VIII. After that, depending upon individual preference, (s)he may opt for any one of the following three career paths in Science, Technology, Medicine, Management or Law, in order to achieve her / his career objectives: that:

:: Vocational

:: Academic

:: Professional